After gaining importance particularly in mid 80’s with the liberalization and outward diversification of the Turkish economy, new marketing, business development services, strategic direction business solutions and management Consultancy Services have been the other interests of the local companies in Turkey in addition to organization of small scale of seminars and other brief training activities.

PROMEDI Ltd, was established in 1999, with a mission defined as to provide and offer business solution to the industry and implement them to the companies to increase their worldwide awareness and competitiveness with a developing management technology, corporate business culture and eventually to create added value.

We provide anytime anywhere access to the significantly expanding demand for products services and information tailored to meet the unique requirements of consumers.

PROMEDI Ltd operates in dedicated centers of every country in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and Americas. We offer clients and partners a radical and innovative approach to faster and develop business relationships by leveraging our global market penetration and best of breed business practices.
Our partners capitalize on our ability to expand their customer base, while increasing their revenues and reach out to global marketplaces.

We provide services mainly in five categories:

• Aviation
• Aviation Insurance
• Consultancy
• Trading (Including Barter) & Export of Industrial Products
• Construction Materials
• Packaging

We now invite you to discover a high quality of our service and performance.


Providing aviation services and supply of aviation, airport related products and
services including aircraft spare parts by being vendors to Airlines.

Providing marketing, distribution, agency, and logistic services.

Supply of Airport and air terminal necessities

Airline Representation providing supervision and ground handling services in
Turkey and abroad.

Providing aircraft maintenance services to airlines of all type of “checks” at Turkish
Airlines Technic and at other Turkish Aircraft Maintenance hangars.

Providing flight training services to cabin crews and cockpit crews of airlines.

Supplying of aviation related products, items, equipment, and services including
catering &in-flight items &galley equipment, aircraft cleaning products.

International trading, export/import, transit supply of industrial products, machinery
and equipment.

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