PROMEDI Ltd, provides one step shop, dedicated to providing highest quality of 24/7 tailor made instant service and total solution for all your aviation needs

Our Services

• Aircraft Spare Parts and Chemicals,
• In-Flight Products and Aircraft Galley Equipment,
• Aircraft Lease Long/Short terms,
• Pilot Training
• Sub-Charter Arrangements,
• Passenger Charter Operations,
• Air Cargo Charter,
• Executive Flights,
• Air Ambulances and VIP /CIP Services,
• Flight Supervision and Airline Representation,
• GSA Services (General Sales Agency),
• Ground Handling Arrangements,
• Air Traffic Rights Over-flight / Landing Clearances and Slot *Arrangements & Obtaining Permissions,
• Fuel Supplies,
• Catering,
• Aircraft Maintenance Support,
• Airport Ground Handling Equipment,
• Insurance,
• Hotel Accommodation and Transportation,
• Freight Forwarding,
• Medevac.
• Consultancy
• Representation and Agency Services (Go Sleep/Sleeping Pods and UVC Airplane Sanitizing Device)
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