Promedi Ltd offers a full-service package including strategy, design, project management delivery, logistics and installation.
• offers Marketing Services locally and internationally to companies for achieving results in their existing markets or for reaching new markets.
• assists the industry in matching their technology, manufacturing, and marketing strategies with the competitive market strategies, in cooperation with international corporations and organizations as necessary, for the creation of new industrial and commercial values, ultimately leading to new market ventures.
• covers a large industry base and helps companies to present their products and capabilities to international export markets.
• provides marketing consultancy, market entry studies, trade partner identification, company establishment and management services also to foreign companies who have an interest in Turkey as well as its neighboring markets.
• acts as an agent for those foreign companies who aim cooperation for representation, marketing, sales, assists for initiatives eventually resulting in joint ventures and other strategic alliances.
• provides support for developing the technology base and the manufacturing infrastructure, through license, technology/know-how transfer as needed and to establish common grounds for cooperation in joint research and development, joint investment and production, joint ventures in foreign markets.
• offers technical consultancy and advisory services for development and guidance of management systems to industrial companies determined for international competition at their conception or institutionalization stage.
• helps those companies in assessing people, technology, and information resources they possess and leads improvement or change.

Business Development and Corporate Finance

• Sector Analysis
• Company Credit Information Reports
• Project and Feasibility Studies
• Application Studies for Investment Incentive Certificates
• Preparation of Company Introduction Booklets
• Setting-up Franchising Systems
• Joint Ventures
• Organization of Financial Resources
• Public Offerings
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Company Evaluation

Corporate Management

Coaching in corporate vision formulation processes, strategic management and planning, corporate re-structuring, change management, management and structuring of family-owned businesses, corporate governance, corporate culture, and business ethics.

Corporate Infra-Structure and Systems including human resources

Establishment and/or re-formation of management systems such as finance, human resources, sales & marketing, logistics, quality assurance, production planning etc., personnel search and selection activities for managerial positions, preparing and conducting seminars for management training programs.


Investment Consultancy:
• Helping you devise appropriate asset allocation strategy, using the wide range of investment vehicles and types.
• Providing market intelligence, timely analysis, and support.
• Advising you of opportunities to help implement your investment strategy.
• Performing your transactions and work to obtain the best price possible.

Financing and Private Equity

• We provide financing through our partners in areas of commercial loans, project finance, asset finance, real estate finance, joint ventures, financial analysis, and assessment.
• We can also provide assistance for companies seeking credits from U.S.A. secured by US Exim Bank .
• Promedi has a well-developed network of banking partners able to move quickly to provide financing for investments.
• Promedi seeks to create partnerships with corporations, small-sized and/or family-owned businesses and aims to help these organizations re-position and expand their businesses to gain a leadership position in global markets.

Mergers and Acquisitions

With the globalization of the world economy, companies are growing by merger and acquisition in a bid to expand operations and remain competitive. The complexity of such transactions often makes it difficult to assess all risk exposures and liabilities and requires the skills of a specialist advisory. Promedi arranges for M&A for companies seeking such partnership both nationally and internationally.
• Developing and implementing an acquisition strategy
• Identifying suitable target companies
• Company valuation advisory
• Securing any necessary finance
• Due diligence investigation
• Initiating discussions with targets and negotiating and closing the deal
• Post-acquisition management.
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