Promedi Ltd has an efficient established distribution networks in neighboring countries and Central Asian and our competitive edge comes from our established relations with the multinational suppliers which are serving these regions through our distribution channels and our 15 years of experience in consumer goods trading.
assists to International wholesalers to source branded consumer products from well-known multinational companies including Unilever, Twinings , Godiva and others and executes trades of any possible industrial products to the various industries on normal banking terms, on credit basis and also barter trading by sourcing chemicals, petrochemicals and commodities for the Turkish market and in return, exports/supplies consumer products and other requirements such as branded consumer products ranging from beverages (soft drinks, fruit juices, beer, spirits & liquor to toiletries (soaps, shampoos, toothpastes, shower gels, detergents) to sporting goods (sports shoes and apparel) that are required by our business partners in the mentioned regions.


• Promedi became a Trading Partner of the Republic of Tatarstan in Russian Federation and started to assist its clients for promoting Tatarstan origin goods and services.
• Promedi has served in various occasions for the Republic of Tatarstan undertakings for the promotion of trading and investment between Turkey and Tatarstan.


• Agriculture and food
• Automotive
• Business Services
• Chemicals
• Electronics
• Energy and Renewable
• Financial Services
• Healthcare and Pharmaceutical
• Infrastructure
• Machinery
• Manufacturing
• Mining
• Real Estate
• Tourism
• Transportation and Logistics
• Water and Wastewater Treatment Works
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